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Denver County Criminal Court is the criminal division of the Denver District Court. The court handles all criminal cases filed in Denver County, Colorado. County courtrooms are located at the City Jail (Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center), 490 W. Colfax Ave., and the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, 520 W. Colfax Ave. The court handles all felony and misdemeanor criminal cases filed in Denver County. In felony cases, if the County Court judge decides there is sufficient evidence to prove the defendant more likely than not committed the crime, the felony case is “bound over” to Denver District Court where felony cases are tried. For more information about the Denver County Criminal Court, visit the Court’s website. or the Denver District Attorney’s office website.

Court Location and Contact Information

520 W. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80204

(720) 337-0410

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